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NYFW 0220

Backstage & Staff Credentials

Credentials for staff & NYFW clients were white plastic, with transparent text. 


The client credentials were equipped with special color coded lanyards. Depending on which show a client were working with, the color of their lanyard would determine which spaces that person was allowed into. This was notated by the hired security to avoid breaches of privacy when we had multiple shows happening on a particular day. 


 The staff badges were equipped with ball chain necklaces. 


**this was my original photoshop mockup of the badges


**photos of client badges coming soon

photo wall

**designed in Adobe Illustrator


end result


Venue brochure

This document was created in InDesign.

It was used by the events team to be used to help sell the space for fashion shows. 

This is not the full deck, as I have removed pages that contained company pricing. 

Designer handbook

This document was created in InDesign.

Its purpose was to be given to the clients that booked NYFW 0220 shows in our space. 

Staff handbook

This document was created in InDesign.

It was given to Pier59 Studios staff that would be working on the floor assisting with the shows. 

Monitor content

These were designed in InDesign.

This content would be displayed on various monitors throughout the space -  they would go live on  a timed schedule in accordance with the shows run time. 

There were many shows - but I followed the same format for each one. Below are select samples.

nyfw 0220 graphics

Documentation of other graphics used throughout the space

 Click the link below to see the content created for NYFW 0919. 

Miche Hobson

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