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Soft Sculpture with Gold reversible sequins
Soft sculpture with gold reversible sequins.

"Untitled #09"

Pink soft sculpture with fur
Soft Sculpture with Gold reversible sequins
Furry pink and yellow soft sculpture

"Untitled #11"

Small pink two-legged soft sculpture
Clay hand of bondage doll, soft sculpture
Closeup of black leather bondage doll, with realistic eyes.
Agate, the soft sculpture
pink doll with removable penis
hairy leg sculpture
soft sculpture of men's legs
pair of legs made from fabric and soft materials

"Untitled #05"


Black leather bondage doll

"Untitled #07"

Soft sculpture cat, uncanny.
Soft sculpture dog, uncanny

"The twins"

Soft sculpture with penis pants
Uncanny valley cat
uncanny valley dog

Miche Hobson

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